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Buddha - 3 and half yearsICh. Bharat Buddha

* 22.8.1999

PRA, LL=free, HD=A/A

Top quality show male...

Buddha was one of the most beautiful males I have ever had new born in my hands. I thought I will keep him for my self, but finally I have decided to sell him to new owners, where he found the best home he could. Feel free to contact them or me (Khatakhyi breeder Sonja Pavlikova)  if you are interested in using him in your breeding program. If you want to see his descendents, or show successes, pedigree and photos of him and his ancestors, just click on the menu in the top frame.

Owner: JUDr. Jaroslav Saveljev
Baruncina 1852
Praha 4 - Modrany
143 00 Czech Republic
tel: +420/2/41770973